The State is Inherently Coercive

                While the genesis of the first State can be disputed (Indus Valley Civilization, ancient city-states of Rome/Greece, the same people who wrote the Avesta etc.), what cannot be disputed is that the State is an overgrowth of Human Civilization. Once Man came together, he created the State – in its most rudimentary form – in order to regulate his life.

                No matter what theory of State one adopts, it has to be accepted that the foundation of the State paradigm is troika of Liberty, Equality and Justice. These 3 dimensions are self-limiting. Let us compare the theories of State presented by Locke and Hobbes. While both dispute the nature of the “State of Nature” that pre-existed the State, both agree that the State has been created by the social contract.

                The social contract – inherently – seeks to limit Liberty at the altar of Justice and Equality. While the arguments that

  1. Is such a sacrifice fair?
  2. Is such a sacrifice acceptable?

are entirely justified and legitimate – and present divergent views of the State – the fact that the state is limiting (unlimited) liberty is inevitable (indeed: are not all facts inevitable?). And such a limit is not optional – its violation would be enforced by coercive action.

Conflict of Liberty with Justice and Equality

                Liberty is complimentary to equality. Liberty demands equality – its nature can only be understood as equal liberty of all. Thus, imposition of reasonable restraints on freedom is conceded for furthering the cause of Equality. Equality is thus an impediment to Liberty.

                Similarly, Liberty will not confirm to Justice until Liberty is spread to all members of society. Absolute liberty is a contradiction in terms – if liberty is defined as the absence of restrain, it cannot be universal until it is qualified by Equality. This is because liberty of an individual is relative to liberty of rest. Hence, liberty has to be regulated. This may not meet demands of Justice. When society is divided into unequal sections, weak sections have to be protected.


                Thus, the State is inherently coercive and opposed to human liberty; however, the Marxist solution to this – the overthrow of State – is inappropriate. In the real world, equality and justice are essential prerequisites to human life.

                The State, then, is a necessary evil – and the best option we have until we find something better.


10th of June, 2012.

03:27 AM.

Writing is a struggle against silence

Sleep eludes me. I lay in bed, tossing and turning. The mosquitoes in my room contribute to my insomnia in no small degree, and waking up at 11:00 in the morning doesn’t help either. But the primary reason is the maelstrom of thoughts inside my head right now.

Why is it that man can be the bravest of lions in the brightest of sunlight, but come nightfall, and he is reduced down to a shriveled child? I’m sure that for some the more nocturnally inclined amongst us, the inverse applies just as well. What man thinks in the depth of night is something he should not act upon. As (I think) someone said in a Tarantino movie, “Shit just real, bitch”. I blame the moon.

I’m sure halfway across the globe (and halfway across it is; across the globe lies Manhattan), Rafa is awake in his bed. Or perhaps he isn’t. Perhaps he, like Sachin or Vishwanathan Anand also drops down asleep. Or perhaps I should be thinking of Maria Sharapova in her bed, instead of Rafael Nadal in his.

I’m denied clarity of thought when it comes to my own self. Perhaps I should become a teacher. Fear is a great crippler – that, I know. The grass always seems greener – that, too, I know. The sense of achievement that I feel, that more often than not others attribute to me is all smoke and mirrors. But is mine to be the path of only struggle? What lies at the end of the tunnel? Or is it the tunnel that counts and not the end? If that is so, why should not the sole purpose of my endeavors be the betterment of the tunnel? What, indeed, is the purpose of my life? Incidentally, have I yet reached a state where the aim of life can be thought about? Again – shit just got real, bitch.

Procrastination is an eternal nemesis. There is something sickly comforting in its embrace. So much easier to log off and play DotA. So much easier to read Astrix.

And the mosquitoes, my ever-faithful companion, seeing the light of my laptop on are back to comfort me. So much so that I begin to wonder whether Jurrasic Park (the Speilberg one, not Sir Doyle’s) can be true. Perhaps a genetically reincarnated version of me – thanks to my winged buddies – will take over the world one day. Does this sound far too much like Sheldon Cooper?

I’m sure tonight Gurudev Tagore will be of no comfort – chiefly because I’m too lazy to get out of my bed and walk across the room to turn on my table light and get out my copy of Geetanajali. It is time for some stringent analysis. And searching for a tube of Odomos. And if that doesn’t work either, I’ll probably stay awake till 7:30 and sleep tomorrow afternoon.